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Have you seen Binx? Orange County’s favorite bobcat has been seen roaming the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary (and adjacent neighborhoods) in Irvine. We want to know about his whereabouts, his health, and his cuteness! You can help. 

Binx is one of the few bobcats in our area with a story that his human neighbors can celebrate. In 2015, Binx was seen with mange in Irvine. He was then rehabilitated and released by a local veterinarian Dr. Scott Weldy and officials at USGS

Against the odds, Binx survived rodenticide poisoning, and is hopefully alive and well in local wilderness parks. Local wildlife photographers have captured him on film over the years, and he has built up a small but loyal following. 

How will you recognize him? He wears a pink/lavender plastic tag on his right ear.


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More About Binx and Timeline

July 2, 2015: Dick Newell, a wildlife expert with local nonprofit OC Trackers began receiving reports of several sightings of a sick bobcat in an Irvine neighborhood adjacent to a natural area. Someone captured a photo of this sick bobcat.

HC bobcat 9.19.15

September 8, 2015: Mr. Newell again received reports of an extremely sick male bobcat (for a number of reasons assumed to be the same one sighted in July). The animal was seen in a garden in Irvine, adjacent to open space reserve.

September 2015: Sick bobcat captured by City of Irvine Animal Control. Bobcat placed in the care of USGS and local veterinarian Dr. Scott Weldy. Bobcat was given the name BNX. ‘Binx’ was a young male suffering from mange, a skin mite infestation often found in predator animals that have ingested rat poison (rodenticides).

October 2015: Binx released after a few weeks under care, near his capture location in Irvine. But, first he was fitted with a pink/lavender identification tag. He was not fitted with a radio collar.

January 31, 2015: Local wildlife photographers Jodi Newell and Marcia Gonzalez captured photos of Binx in an Irvine wetland (San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary). Binx looked robustly healthy, flashing his pink/lavender ear tag as he strutted across a boardwalk.



Summer 2017: Dick Newell at OC Trackers received some reports of sightings of Binx that suggest that he may be sick again.


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