A view of the Irvine-Laguna Wildlife Corridor adjacent to the FivePoint Great Park development. On November 16, 2022, LGB Board members toured the corridor to see the progress made since the groundbreaking in 2018.

Members were also able to see the lower reach of the ILWC near Serrano Creek where a new wildlife-friendly underpass was constructed. A tunnel where you can see light on the opposite side is more conducive for wildlife to utilize it as a pathway (above).
Images of the Irvine-Laguna Wildlife Corridor prior to FivePoint construction. Graffiti in underpasses signify human activity in the corridor (above).
Images from the Irvine-Laguna Wildlife Corridor 2017-2018 Camera Study (above).
Images of the groundbreaking of the OC Great Park Wildlife Corridor (central portion of the Coast to Cleveland Wildlife Corridor), hosted by FivePoint in Irvine, California May 13, 2018 (above).
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