In The News

Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. In The News

Laguna Beach Indy: Critter, Human Co-Existence Boosted by Irvine-Laguna Wildlife Corridor Plan

LA Times: Progress made on OC wildlife corridor connecting OC Coast with Cleveland National Forest 

Laguna Beach High School senior student Tess Booth is the future of Laguna Greenbelt, Inc.

Laguna teen engages a new generation of environmental stewards

Laguna Greenbelt Taps Advisory Group to Consult on Irvine-Laguna Wildlife Corridor

Human activity in wildlife corridor hinders animals’ movement, Laguna Greenbelt study says

ABC7 Video: Improvements to wildlife corridor could help protect OC wildlife from extinction

Brown and Worrel: A Bird’s Eye View of Irvine’s Disputed Veteran’s Cemetery

Crucial Wildlife Corridor connecting the Cleveland National Forest with OC’s coastal habitat takes shape

Commentary: Coast to Cleveland corridor brings connectivity to wildlife. November 27, 2015

Consensus plan for developing a wildlife corridor that would run from the coast to Cleveland National Forest.

Corridors and Willdlife in the News

California Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Wildlife From Super-toxic Rat Poisons

Laguna Beach to sue county over development plan in Irvine

Court Rules Monterey County’s Federal Animal-killing Contract Violates Law. Find Ruling Here.

Lions of Los Angeles – New Yorker

Land purchase connects two state parks in San Diego County.

Wildlife overpass to be built in Los Angeles.

Evidence that corridors boost biodiversity.

Corridor Newsletters and Periodicals

Conservation Corridor. Digests, podcasts, and toolboxes covering the science, management, and climate change implications of wildlife corridors around the world.

Corridor Initiatives

Tenaja Corridor and Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. A joint Canada-U.S. not-for-profit organization that connects and protects habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon so people and nature can thrive.

Florida Wildlife Corridor. A conservation advocacy organization focused on connecting, protecting and restoring corridors of conserved lands and waters essential for the survival of Florida’s diverse wildlife.

Wildlife overpass to be built in Los Angeles. CalTrans partners with local legislators and nonprofits to plan the largest wildlife crossing bridge in the nation.

Pajaro River restoration near Gilroy, California. Restoration of a river that once connected millions of acres of open space and three mountain ranges.


Hillside Open Space Education Coalition. Preserve open space and wildlife corridor along the hills bordering Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project. California Department of Fish and Widlife

AB 498. State of California Wildlife Conservation – Wildlife Corridors

Western Wildlife Corridors Council

Scientist Websites and Blogs

Kevin Crooks, Ph.D. Colorado State University

Laurel Serieys, Ph.D –  Urban carnivores in Southern California

Laurel Serieys, Ph.D Caracal research in Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Lenny Vincent – Biologist, Fullerton College (Spiders)

Do Corridors Work? Open call for study sites at least 500m long.

Dr. Peter Bryant, Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine (Natural History of Orange County, CA)

Cougar Network Research (Clay Nielsen and Michelle LaRue)

Like-Minded Organizations

Natural Communities Coalition. An organization that coordinates the land management, monitoring and research across the nearly 38,000 acre Natural Community Conservation Plan/Habitat Conservation Plan (NCCP/HCP) for the Central and Coastal Subregion of Orange County, California.

Citizens for Los Angeles Widlife. CLAW promotes, educates and protects the fundamental importance of wildlife, wildlife habitats and wildlife corridors in Los Angeles.

Pathways for Wildlife. A research organization specializing in identifying, monitoring, and implementing connectivity designs for wildlife movement within a landscape.

Southern California Wildlands. A nonprofit working to develop and implement regional conservation strategies.

National Wildlife Federation. A nonprofit organization working to provide pathways that wildlife can use to cross vast expanses of key habitat.

The Nature Conservancy. A nonprofit that supports several corridor projects worldwide.


Center for Demographic Research (CDR) at Cal State Fullerton. Provides accurate and timely data for demographics in Orange County.

Corridor Design  (GIS tools and information for designing wildlife corridors)

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (CHAT)

Studies of Note

Researchers, using new techniques, have discovered that species diversity is necessary for a healthy ecosystem. Integrated Modeling Reveals Mechanisms Linking Productivity and Plant Species Richness. 2016. James B. Grace, et. al. Nature 529, 390–393.

Analysis of Bobcats in Urban Areas of Orange County, California. 2013. (Master’s Thesis, University of Redlands). Retrieved fom

Evaluation of Functional Connectivity for Bobcats and Coyotes at El Toro Marine Base. 2007. Lisa Lyren (USGS) et al. (PDF)

Managing for Climate Change within Protected Area Landscapes. 2009. David Olson et al. Natural Areas Association. doi:  (PDF)

Recreation and large mammal activity in an urban nature reserve. 2005.  Shalene George and Kevin Crooks. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2006.05.024

Behavioral Responses of bobcats and coyotes to habitat fragmentation and corridors in an urban environment. Lourraine Tigas et al. BioCon.2002. doi:10.1016/S0006-3207(02)00120.9

Missing linkages: Restoring Connectivity to the California Landscape. 2000. USGS, CA State Parks, The Nature Conservancy, et al (PDF)

Wildlife Vehicle Collision Reduction Study. Report to Congress. 2008 USDOT (PDF)

Disease and freeways drive genetic change in urban bobcat populations. 2015. Laurel E.K.Serieys et al (PDF)

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