Wildlife Corridor in Irvine Connects Southern California Coast to Mountains

Map Irvine Wildlife CorridorThe Coast to Cleveland Wildlife Corridor, located in Irvine, California, is a work in progress
envisioned by Laguna Greenbelt, Inc., and supported by a coalition of partners. When completed, it will be unique among corridors in the United States.  It will cross lands owned and managed by different entities, and will connect wildlife habitats along the coast to similar habitats in the mountains. Animals use corridors to move between ecosystems in search of resources, places to raise their young, genetically distinct mates, and to escape natural disasters.

Wildlife like native bobcats and cactus wrens will pass through a variety of landscapes as they wind their way over six miles of a huge shopping center, under major freeways, and over green spaces in the foothills approaching the Santa Ana Mountains.

Visit wildlifecorridor.org to learn more about wildlife corridors, and progress on this unique project.



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