Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. Celebrates 50 Years of Coastal OC Conservation

Today, Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. marks half a century of habitat protection and advocacy.

In 1968, our founder Jim Dilley could only imagine what life would be like in 2017. Initially, he advocated for an undeveloped ‘greenbelt’ about one-quarter the size of the 22,000 acres of protected wilderness parks along central Orange County coast. These wilderness areas are more important than ever in mitigating the widespread development, habitat fragmentation, and climate change occurring in our region and worldwide.

Over the years, we expanded on Dilley’s original vision. We are so grateful to the  individuals, governments, businesses, and nonprofit partners that have helped protect our wilderness for the animals and people that depend on it.

We are always pressing forward to protect our public and private investments in conservation. For example, we are working to ensure sure the Coast to Cleveland Wildlife Corridor is finished and functional. This corridor will create an ecosystem connection between coastal wilderness parks and the Santa Ana Mountains to the east.

Check out coverage by Laguna Beach Independent here:

More about LGB’s history at:

Read more about the Coast to Cleveland Wildlife Corridor here.

Become a member and join a legacy of local conservation!  


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