Why We Need Wildlife Corridors

Imagine if your very existence, and the existence of your whole species, depended on being able to move one place to another.

Imagine if having a way to to access food, water, to move away from a threat like a flood or wild fire, meant living another day.

Imagine if you just wanted to find some romance, and nobody in your vicinity seemed like a good match.

Now, imagine if a solid concrete barrier restricted that movement.

Imagine if animals were not that different from people in their need for moving around to find the essentials, and their need for help when they got stuck.

This reprint of an LA Times article earlier this year outlines why wildlife corridors are so important. The roads that allow humans the ability to move from place to place and find the things we need to survive and thrive sometimes make it hard for animals to do the same. But there is a solution.

Read:  The Killing Fields for Mountain Lions

Some of Orange County’s animals are struggling with the same issues.


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