Ventura County Wildlife Corridor Ordinances Forge a Progressive Path

By Ann Larson, Board Member, Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. Throughout California and beyond, practitioners of urban planning are waking up to the benefits that come from wildlife corridors – benefits for natural habitats, wildlife, and human society.  For more than three decades, Laguna Greenbelt, Inc. and its science advisors have expressed concern for wildlife movement throughContinue reading “Ventura County Wildlife Corridor Ordinances Forge a Progressive Path”

The 30 X 30 Initiative: How The Wildlife Corridor Can Participate

The state of California is at the forefront of climate policy in the United States. To address climate issues, California adopted the 30×30 initiative. This program is designed to preserve 30% of land and coastal waters by 2030 and has been adopted by over 100 countries, including the United States. The goals are to protectContinue reading “The 30 X 30 Initiative: How The Wildlife Corridor Can Participate”

LGB President Gets Coverage in Local News

People living in Orange County know that coyotes have been making it into the papers the past several months. Elisabeth Brown, Ph.D., Laguna Greenbelt’s president, expressed her point of view on coyotes in an op-ed earlier this month. Check it out to learn more about why coyotes are essential to maintaining our ecosystems, and what weContinue reading “LGB President Gets Coverage in Local News”

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

This is a piece of old news, but good news, and it reminds us that in the effort to protect people and wildlife on our urbanizing landscape, people can use a variety of tools. Fencing is a cost-effective tool that can go a long way towards protecting wildlife and people from each other when it’sContinue reading “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”